Tony P. Hall 3-01-2008

When I first entered politics in the late 1960s, I had never heard the term “evangelical.” If I did, I certainly didn’t know what it meant.

Administrator 2-27-2008

Watch it:

http://www.youtube.com/v/Yjr88xvWJtI&rel=1" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="425" [...]
Brian McLaren 2-05-2008

On this Super Tuesday, there will no doubt be a lot of discussion (again) about the role of religion

Jim Wallis 2-01-2008
Evangelicals are leaving the Religious Right in droves.
Ronald J. Sider 2-01-2008

Tragically, Christian political activity today is a disaster. Christ­ians embrace contradictory positions on almost every political issue.

The tide of political priorities among white evangelicals may be turning.

Administrator 1-25-2008

On Wednesday, Sojourners and Beliefnet, in collaboration with the National Association of Evangelicals Christian Student Leadership Conference, hosted a panel discussion on "Choosing a president: What do evangelicals really want?" I joined Steve Waldman and David Kuo of Beliefnet, Rich Cizik of the NAE, Bishop Harry Jackson of Hope Christian Church and the High Impact Leadership Coalition, Lynne Hybels of the Willow Creek Community [...]

Diana Butler Bass 1-11-2008

During the South Carolina Republican debate, Mike Huckabee garnered greatest applause when defending his views of wifely submission as part of his evangelical faith. The questioner quizzed Huckabee about being one of 131 signers of a 1998 USA Today ad by the Southern Baptist Convention that asserted, "a wife is to graciously submit herself to the servant leadership of her husband." Huckabee responded by saying "I am not the least bit ashamed of my faith." He joked that his own wife [...]

Jim Wallis 1-11-2008

The upcoming primary in South Carolina will be critical for both the Democrats and the Republicans, say the media pundits. And South Carolina is full of evangelicals, they also say. But they have absolutely no clue about what that means.

For example, the exit polls in the Iowa caucus and New Hampshire primary have asked departing Republican voters if they are "evangelicals," but they don't ask the same question of exiting Democrats-therefore assuming there aren't any evangelicals [...]

Jim Wallis 1-01-2008

Christian support for the Iraq war raises the critical question: To whom do we belong?

Ron Sider 12-10-2007

The Nov. 27 Annapolis meeting on Israel/Palestine has launched us into a momentous one-year process to seek a permanent peace agreement between Israel and its neighbors. What is at stake is whether after more than 50 years of ghastly conflict and widespread bloodshed, genuine peace can come to one of the most dangerous areas and most divisive problems in our world.

Important steps were [...]

Randall Balmer 12-06-2007

In what may be the defining moment of his campaign, Mitt Romney, the former governor of Massachusetts and a Mormon, addressed the issue of faith and its bearing on his pursuit of the presidency. Pundits inevitably compared Romney's speech in College Station, Texas, with the speech that John F. Kennedy gave just down the road at the Rice Hotel, Houston, on September 12, 1960.

The parallels [...]

Jim Wallis 12-01-2007
It is time to work for common ground between evangelicals and progressives.
The difficulty - and necessity - of finding a middle ground on stem cells.
Administrator 11-29-2007

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Here's some of Krista Tippet's introduction to her interview with Jim:

I've resisted interviewing Wallis as he's risen to a new kind of fame, in part because he has had so much exposure in major media - from Hardball to [...]

Brian McLaren 11-27-2007

It was my friend, Tony Jones, who alerted me recently to the Beliefnet roundtable on evangelicals in power that I discussed in yesterday's post. He basically ruined my schedule that day because I couldn't help but read the whole thread.

A major voice in [...]

Brian McLaren 11-26-2007

In light of Pat Robertson's and Bob Jones III's recent presidential endorsements

Jim Wallis 11-08-2007

At its board meeting last month, the National Association of Evangelicals formally named Leith Anderson as its president. Anderson is senior pastor of Wooddale Church in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, and has been serving as interim president of the NAE for the past year.

I've had the opportunity to spend some time with Leith Anderson. I believe he is the kind of leader most needed these days, [...]

Ron Sider 11-01-2007

On Friday, Oct. 26, I was part of a small delegation of evangelical leaders who met with Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. We were there to follow up the letter we sent to President Bush in late July to encourage more vigorous U.S. efforts to promote a fair, two-state solution for Israel/Palestine.

Secretary Rice understands the formidable obstacles. She spoke of a little moment of [...]

Ryan Rodrick Beiler 10-24-2007

Who made the following statement in a recent television interview?

I'm not sure that that group in Washington is really representative of evangelicals across the spectrum. This is the Family Research Council and some of the James Dobson supporters, I just think that's just a narrow slice of evangelical thought.

A) Jim Wallis
B) Pat Robertson
C) Hillary Clinton
C) Rick Warren
D) Rudy Giuliani

Drumroll ... the answer is B) Pat Robertson!