The quest to save the ivory-bill represents a desire with which many evangelical Christians may connect.

Elizabeth Palmberg 03-01-2005
The Micah Challenge calls evangelicals to get serious about bringing good news to the poor.
Josh Andersen 02-01-2005

Is the advance of God's kingdom through missions being confused with the advance of American hegemony through the military?

Kate Bowman 07-01-2004

They're reading liberation theology and listening to the world's urban poor. Meet the young evangelicals of Word Made Flesh.

Joshua Andersen 06-01-2004

Many Christians went to the former Soviet Union to evangelize. While there some discovered Russia's new gulags, and found themselves converted to a deeper understanding of the gospel.

Bill Pannel 05-01-1995
Evangelicals build bridges for racial reconciliation.
Gordon Aeschliman 05-01-1995
Will progressive evangelicals please stand up and be counted?
L. Shannon Jung 03-01-1995

A friend and collaborator says that rural America is experiencing a "tremendous dying." I take it that also means that she expects an ensuing resurrection.