Administrator 2-26-2007

Last week, I caused a bit of a dust-up by wondering aloud about Mitt Romney's LDS faith, including an admittance of my own ignorance about particular practices and beliefs therein. It seems to me that Romney has been less that forthcoming about his commitment to LDS beliefs and practices, and he will be compelled, as the presidential race goes forward, to honestly confront those questions: [...]

More than 1,500 young evangelicals from across the U.S.

Gail Martin 1-01-2007

Evangelicals find new resources to address domestic violence.

Jim Wallis 5-01-2006
'I'm tired of those old white guys telling us what to think and do.'
Rose Marie Berger 4-01-2006

In February, 86 evangelical leaders declared climate change a Christian priority and lent their support to political initiatives to fight global warming, saying “The earth’s natural s

James Ferguson 2-01-2006

A recent poll conducted for PBS’s Religion and Ethics NewsWeekly surveyed 1,130 adults about faith and family.

The quest to save the ivory-bill represents a desire with which many evangelical Christians may connect.

Elizabeth Palmberg 3-01-2005
The Micah Challenge calls evangelicals to get serious about bringing good news to the poor.
Josh Andersen 2-01-2005

Is the advance of God's kingdom through missions being confused with the advance of American hegemony through the military?

Kate Bowman 7-01-2004

They're reading liberation theology and listening to the world's urban poor. Meet the young evangelicals of Word Made Flesh.

Joshua Andersen 6-01-2004

Many Christians went to the former Soviet Union to evangelize. While there some discovered Russia's new gulags, and found themselves converted to a deeper understanding of the gospel.

Bill Pannel 5-01-1995
Evangelicals build bridges for racial reconciliation.
Gordon Aeschliman 5-01-1995
Will progressive evangelicals please stand up and be counted?
L. Shannon Jung 3-01-1995

A friend and collaborator says that rural America is experiencing a "tremendous dying." I take it that also means that she expects an ensuing resurrection.