February 18, 2016


Sojourners President and Founder Rev. Jim Wallis released the following statement today:


"Bridges or Walls?


"As Christians, we are called to answer:  What does God want us to build, bridges or walls?


"Donald Trump has never met a wall he doesn’t love.  He believes in border walls, in gated communities, in structures and policies that separate “us” from “them” – especially when “them” can be defined as immigrants or people of color or the poor.


Ryan Herring 06-03-2014

Disunity in Christ: Uncovering the Hidden Forces that Keep Us Apart. IVP Books.

Joy J. Moore 04-04-2014

Reflections on the Revised Common Lectionary, Cycle A

Heather Beaudoin 04-04-2014

A growing number of conservative Christians have joined the movement to abolish capital punishment.

How an agreement on nuclear weapons can build a bridge to peace.

Eboo Patel 04-03-2014

This may be a field whose time has come.

Rose Marie Berger 04-03-2014

There are thousands of ways for a church to serve its watershed and all life within it.

Danny Duncan Collum 04-03-2014

FAME studio mic

The glory of the FAME studio had its roots in the deep shame of rural Southern poverty.

Brittany Shoot 04-03-2014

Public memorials, both ad hoc and formal, speak to what divides us—and what brings us together.

The Editors 04-03-2014

The Moral Mondays model seems to be spreading.

Sara J. Wolcott 04-03-2014

I got on a bus to help someone else's justice movement—and discovered it was my own.

Chris Grataski 04-01-2014

If we seek to follow Jesus in context, nothing is more contextual than a watershed.

Ched Myers 04-01-2014

In the face of ecocide, the choice before us is stark: discipleship or denial.

Several nations have recently banned non-Muslims from using Arabic words, including "Allah" for God. Does it matter?

Jim Wallis 04-01-2014

As a Christian, I grieve over the unspeakable violence wrongly done in the name of faith.

Eboo Patel 05-11-2013

Bridges don't fall from the sky; people build them.