A trip to Africa produces a holy shake-up, and a new tune, for Jars of Clay.

Catholic Kenyan environmental activist Wangari Maathai won the 2004 Nobel Peace Prize—a first for an African woman and a first for environmentalism

Bling For a Better World
Dale Hanson Bourke 10-01-2004
Is it time for a Christian crusade against AIDS?
Elizabeth Palmberg 8-01-2004
What part of 'never again' do we not understand?
Tad Daley 9-01-2003

When desperate victims in distant conflicts plead for help, can America do more than save its own?

Jyl Hall 3-01-2003
The church's role in southern Africa.

In June, the African Religious Leaders Assembly on Children and HIV/AIDS met in Nairobi at the request of the Hope for African Children Initiative and the World Conference of Religions and Peace. 

How does one approach the task of writing about a continent as diverse as Africa, filled with extremes of poverty and beauty, suffering and hope?

Betty LaDuke 3-01-2001

In Eritrea, an American painter finds friends, suffering, and inspiration.

It’s not just civil wars, AIDS, or other diseases that have brought suffering to sub-Saharan Africa in recent decades.

We planned to do great things. God had other plans.

Why a low-cost anti-AIDS tool remains out of reach.

'The solution will come from the community.'

AIDS, orphans, and the future of Africa.

Jim Wallis 7-01-2000

U.S. churches can provide a driving moral force on the crisis of AIDS in Africa.

Alden Almquist 1-01-2000
Nyerere, Africa's father of independence.
Laura Dely 11-01-1999

Despite the pall that HIV-AIDS casts across Africa, a few bright spots offer some relief.

Laura Dely 11-01-1999
As the rate of HIV-AIDS reaches record highs in Africa, the burden of foreign debt depletes scarce resources for prevention and care