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Free for All

by Kate Bowman-Johnston 05-01-2010

The public library as a place for transformation.

Books to Grow On

by Kate Bowman-Johnston 05-01-2010

While aimed at the young, these wide-ranging pages brim with insight, imagination, and one sharp-dressed naked mole rat suitable for all.

Celebrity Activists

by Kate Bowman-Johnston 07-01-2006
Hollywood's humanitarian helpers direct more attention to global hot spots. But does it help?

To 'Kiss The Sky'

by Kate Bowman-Johnston 03-01-2006
'Pop music possesses the power to transport the human spirit.'

So Much to Sing About

by Kate Bowman-Johnston 11-01-2005

A trip to Africa produces a holy shake-up, and a new tune, for Jars of Clay.