Gareth Higgins 1-17-2020

There’s no such thing as an objective critic, or objective criteria by which any of us could judge a movie. The question is whether the critic, or the audience, is able to be honest about the criteria they are using. So I’ll say something I’ve said before: By my sights, the purpose of art is to help us live better, and the best cinema occurs when technical and aesthetic craftsmanship operating at their highest frequencies, and a humane concern for the common good, kiss each other.

the Web Editors 1-17-2020

Bohnoeffer scholars issue statement of concern, documenting the journey of fleeing Venezuelans, how to fix democracy with design, and more.


As tensions escalate between the U.S. and Iran, Jim Wallis talks about the similarity to how previous wars started, the lies that formed the basis for continuing to participate in conflicts, and what it was like to be part of a peaceful resistance to them. 

Jim Wallis 1-16-2020

Two years ago, Sojourners magazine released our February 2018 cover story, asking the question, “Is This a Bonhoeffer Moment?” This week, the board of directors of the International Bonhoeffer Society — an organization dedicated to research and scholarship on the life and writings of Dietrich Bonhoeffer — issued an answer from their discernment.

Our first SojoSessions artist is Kimberly Williams. 

Stephen Mattson 1-15-2020

For American Christians, our neighbors include — but aren’t limited to—Immigrants, both undocumented and documented, refugees, the sick, the poor, the oppressed, Iranians, Syrians, Afghanis, Yemeni, and everyone else. These neighbors are Christian and non-Christian alike, American and non-American, and there’s no exceptions based on nationality, race, creed, color, ethnicity, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or gender expression.

Sandi Villarreal 1-15-2020

A federal judge on Wednesday blocked the Trump administration from enforcing an executive order that would allow state and local governments to opt out of the refugee resettlement program.

The Texas Conference of Catholic Bishops’ statement calling Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s decision to opt out of the federal refugee resettlement program “deeply discouraging and disheartening” brings renewed attention to what has been called a “balancing act between [his] Catholic faith and politics.” Public opinion data suggest Abbott’s position will land very differently with Republican Catholics than it did with the church leaders who were moved to publicly dissent from his decision.

R. Drew Smith 1-15-2020

All of them returned to the South’s frontline struggle for racial justice. 

Aaron E. Sanchez 1-14-2020

I realized I minimize the miraculous.