R. Drew Smith 10-21-2019

Lessons we can learn from peacebuilding in South Africa and Rwanda. 

Russell L. Meek 10-18-2019

I have the right degrees from the right institution and I hold the right theological positions. I’m an inerrantist, I hold to the Baptist Faith and Message 2000, and I am gravely concerned that our history of political maneuvering has cloaked a love for power in the language of right theology.

the Web Editors 10-18-2019

An interfaith friendship 800 years ago, civil disobedience for refugees, the truth question, and more.

Matt Dodrill 10-18-2019

A racial leveraging of forgiveness followed Amber Guyger’s trial in Dallas.

Jim Wallis 10-17-2019

Autocrats and strongmen all over the world attack the free press and the idea of objective truth because they want you only to be able to listen to their truth. As Trump always puts it, “Believe me.” It's a way of governing that holds people captive because they depend on the strongman to tell them what the truth is. So when you take away the truth, you are purposely trying to take away people’s freedom.

Julián Castro recently announced policy to end state-sponsored discrimination against LGBTQ families.

The Maryland Democrat was first elected to office in 1996.

Candace Sanders 10-16-2019

On Oct.15, faith leaders, human rights groups, refugees, and the former Assistant Secretary of State Anne C. Richard came together to hold a major action on Capitol Hill in protest of the current administration's 80 percent cut to the refugee admissions program. 

Norman Allen 10-16-2019

Francis of Assisi met Sultan Malik Al-Kamil 800 years ago. 

Pained and angry religious leaders warned Fort Worth, Texas, police they would scrutinize the investigation of an officer who shot and killed a 28-year-old black woman inside a home where, a family lawyer said, she had been playing video games with her 8-year-old nephew.