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Sojourners Magazine: September 1976

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Because we must hear and obey the word of God in a specific context, many Christians are seriously asking after the divine command for them in a world largely poor and hungry.
When this article appeared, Samuel Escobar had been a leading evangelical theologian in Latin America.
Probing the Meaning of Liberation


One of the ever-present sights this bicentennial year has been the Declaration of Independence.
If today's institutional church is to be a viable force in the age to come we must anticipate not minor modifications but radical change, change in existing institutional structures which conditi
Ingmar Bergman’s newest film, Face To Face, documents the nervous breakdown of a highly disciplined and capable psychologist named Jenny.


Weston Priory is nestled in the midst of the sturdy Green Mountains of Vermont.
Liberation is God’s intention. Liberation from all the spiritual, structural, and ideological shackles which bind and oppress -- is the promise of God’s salvation in history.
There is, quite plainly, a capitalist captivity of the American church.