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From the Archives: February 1976

by John Perkins 01-05-2014

The Dividing Wall in America

What Sustains Me

Seventeen activists and church leaders talk about the disciplines that keep them girded for the struggle.

Stoning the Prophets

by John Perkins 02-01-1978

Dr. J. Robert Oppenheimer, the scientist who led the Manhattan Project which developed the atom bomb, made a television statement just before he died in 1967. I remember his face as he spoke.

Our Minority and God's Majority

by John Perkins 11-01-1977

"God + me = a majority." There is real power in this statement.

The Reconciled Community in a World at War

by John Perkins 07-01-1977

The church as antagonist or peacemaker.

The Hope and Cost of Reconciliation

by John Perkins 05-01-1977

The real hope of reconciliation between races and cultures in our world is wrapped up in how we, the people of God, see ourselves.

Rich Man, Poor Man

by John Perkins 02-01-1977

"Teacher, bid my brother divide the inheritance with me." These words in the 12th chapter of Luke begin one of the most relevant discourses of Jesus for today.

A Declaration Revisited

by John Perkins 09-01-1976

One of the ever-present sights this bicentennial year has been the Declaration of Independence.

Commitment and Responsibility

by John Perkins 07-01-1976

Debtor. It's a word that implies obligation, responsibility.

Individualism: Antithetical to Community

by John Perkins 05-01-1976

Individualism in our society, as I look at it today, is the greatest threat to an understanding of the church and the meaning of being a Christian.