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This Treasure in Earthen Vessels

by Clark H. Pinnock 10-01-1980

The inspiration and interpretation of the Bible.

Fruits Worthy of Repentance

by Clark H. Pinnock 12-01-1977

There is a classical approach to theology and ethics which involves faithfulness to the gospel of Jesus Christ authoritatively attested to in the scriptures.

Schaefferism as a World View

by Clark H. Pinnock 07-01-1977

A probing perspective. 

Second Mile Lifestyle

by Clark H. Pinnock 06-01-1977

A short manual for resurrection people.

A Call for Liberation of North American Christians

by Clark H. Pinnock 09-01-1976

Because we must hear and obey the word of God in a specific context, many Christians are seriously asking after the divine command for them in a world largely poor and hungry.

An Evangelical Theology of Human Liberation, Part II

by Clark H. Pinnock 03-01-1976

The second in a two-part article.

An Evangelical Theology of Human Liberation

by Clark H. Pinnock 02-01-1976

The first of a two-part series.

Charismatic Renewal for the Radical Church

by Clark H. Pinnock 02-01-1975

There are two renewal movements gaining momentum and creating widespread impact in the evangelical churches and across the face of the entire Christian community today.

A Theology for Public Discipleship

by Clark H. Pinnock 01-01-1975

Evangelical Christians are beginning to realize again in our day that, although salvation cannot be earned, the most important test of its genuine presence in the world is ethical.

The Coming of Christ

by Clark H. Pinnock 12-01-1974

Why did Jesus come? There are levels at which this question cannot be easily answered. The incarnation of the Son of God is the highest conceivable expression of divine grace.

The Acts Connection

by Clark H. Pinnock 05-01-1974

Our text draws an important connection between the fullness of the Spirit and the impulse to minister to the poor and unfortunate. This is the Acts connection.


by Clark H. Pinnock 04-01-1974

Statements of Christian faith are generally forced to the surface in response to a serious challenge.

The Radical Reformation

by Clark H. Pinnock 09-01-1972


The Christian Revolution

by Clark H. Pinnock 09-01-1971

Thesis One: "The Christian faith has revolutionary implications for human life and society."