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Charismatic Renewal for the Radical Church

There are two renewal movements gaining momentum and creating widespread impact in the evangelical churches and across the face of the entire Christian community today, both with deep biblical roots and powerful appeal. They are the charismatic movement and the renewal of a radical prophetic consciousness.

The charismatic renewal is a worldwide spiritual revival of large proportions, a flowing together of three tributaries: the classical Pentecostal stream beginning around 1900, the neo-Pentecostal revival in the mainline Protestant denominations of the sixties, and most recently a vigorous Catholic charismatic renewal, numbering in the hundreds of thousands. Each of these branches, while differing in certain respects, represents a new and deep experience of the work and gifts of the Holy Spirit. God is demonstrating his reality to the modern world and at the same time bringing his people together in a most remarkable way.

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