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The Liberation of Possibility

by Conrad Hoover 12-01-1987
Meditations for Advent

Sign Bearers of the Kingdom

by Conrad Hoover 12-01-1978

The concluding meditations for Advent.

Soft Before the Potter

by Conrad Hoover 11-01-1978

Meditations for Advent

Hope and the Works of Light

by Conrad Hoover 12-01-1977

Waiting for the harvest of God's promise.

Baptizing our Lives in the Light of Advent

by Conrad Hoover 11-01-1977

The Word comes to wake us up.

No Choice But to Pray

by Conrad Hoover 06-01-1977

Jacques Ellul puts the matter of prayer in the proper perspective for me.

Choosing Joy at Weston Priory

by Conrad Hoover 09-01-1976

Weston Priory is nestled in the midst of the sturdy Green Mountains of Vermont.

The Pilgrimage of Prayer

by Conrad Hoover 08-01-1975

Prayer is the acid test of personal faith. When there is no prayer there is no faith relationship.