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The Spirit, Justice, and Community

by Graham Pulkingham 05-01-1977

Laying down our lives.

To Know and Be Known

by Graham Pulkingham 02-01-1977

Part Two.

To Know and Be Known

by Graham Pulkingham 01-01-1977

I am the good shepherd; I know my own and my own know me, as the Father knows me and I know the Father; and I lay down my life for the sheep.--John 10:14-15

The Shape of the Church to Come, Part IV

by Graham Pulkingham 12-01-1976

This is the fourth and final column in a series on “The Shape of the Church to Come.” When this article appeared, Graham Pulkingham was a contributing editor to Sojourners

The Shape of the Church to Come, Part III

by Graham Pulkingham 11-01-1976

Last month we saw how the New Testament makes family the basis of all relationships in the kingdom of God.

The Shape of the Church to Come, Part II

by Graham Pulkingham 10-01-1976

The second in a series.

The Shape of the Church to Come, Part I

by Graham Pulkingham 09-01-1976

If today's institutional church is to be a viable force in the age to come we must anticipate not minor modifications but radical change, change in existing institutional structures which conditi

Church Future, Future Church

by Graham Pulkingham 07-01-1976

It has been estimated that if things continue in the direction they are now going, by the year 2000 Christians of the Eastern Orthodox churches together with churches in the rest of the Western world will make up only about 40 percent of the world Christian population. 

Who Are 'the Rich' and 'the Poor'?

by Graham Pulkingham 04-01-1976

In last month’s column I expressed a conviction that fundamental changes in the attitude of church leaders will be a necessary first step toward restoring to the church its biblical self-image.


by Graham Pulkingham 03-01-1976

I say this not as a command, but to prove by the earnestness of others that your love also is genuine.

Restoring Our Biblical Self-Image

by Graham Pulkingham 02-01-1976

After a careful reading of early chapters in the Acts of the Apostles it seems unavoidably evident that the first Christian community, the Jerusalem church, was qualitatively the church in all its fullness.

Replacing Bad Apples with Good?

by Graham Pulkingham 01-01-1976

In recent years a great many Christians, disturbed by the absence of a vital witness to Christ in his churches, have prayed something to the effect, “Lord, revive thy church beginning with me."