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Sojourners Magazine: November 1992

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Cover Story

A way through a season of discontent


A call for a U.S. pro-democracy movement
1992 as the year of the Woman
The politics of American values
How race is played on the political chessboard
Republicans lean to the Christian Right
What we learn about gender through Mary and Martha


In the aftermath of the LA rebellion, hope for change comes not from outside but from those with the least to lose.
The quincentenary of Columbus' arrival in the Americas may some day be remembered by Mexican historians as the year in which the second conquest of their country officially began.
A gathering of Latin America bishops


During our August 1991 20th anniversary festival, I held several discussions with magazine readers about the future of Sojourners.

Culture Watch

Musicians critiquing society
Confronting the backlash against women
Seeking peace in the Middle East
It's my party, and I'll cry if I want to..."­so goes a popular song of several years ago.


With these readings, the liturgical year comes to a close