June 2015

Cover Story

Various campaigns have adopted the tactic of divestment to compel action toward a safer, more just, and more sustainable world. Does it work? 


A foreign woman creates a scene in Tyre. 
Divestment by a few institutions based on the same ethical objection can have a significant impact on a company's strategic direction. 
Two underserved populations are earning college degrees in prison these days. Only one of them is incarcerated. 
Tackling their finances is perhaps the most effective way of restricting terrorist groups. 
Church bodies in the U.S. are removing financhial support for the occupation of Palestinian territory—but some Jewish groups still see divestment as delegitimizing Israel itself. 
The Housing First model gives formerly homeless people the stability of housing and ongoing support to get back on their feet. One woman's study. 
350 .org / Flickr / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0
Defunding climate change is "an idea whose time has come." 


It's in the interest of us all to protect the right of labor to organize. 
Presbyterians vote to accept marriage equality. 
Utility companies promote laws that seek to prevent rooftop solar systems. 


"The old hatreds shall someday pass; the lines of tribe shall soon dissolve." 
The Bible calls us to create multiracial communities of faith. 
A Brief History of Time is a great read, especially the one page I understood. 

Culture Watch

Fraternities have become the tail that wags the dog in U.S. universities. 
Lest we forget, The Sound of Music is a story of hope triumphing almost unimaginable odds.
Carrie & Lowell,  Asthmatic Kitty Records. 
Social Security Works! Why Social Security Isn't Going Broke and How Expanding It will Help Us All. The New Press. 
Solidarity Ethics: Transformation in a Globalized World. Fortress Press. 
How Native Christians are reclaiming tradition to create an "Indigenous hymnody." 
Ibeyi by XL Recordings / The Collected Sermons of Walter Bruggemann, Volume 2 by Westminster John Knox / And The Word Became Color: Exploring the Bible with Paper, Pen, and Paint by Debby Topliff / Faith Forward Volume 2: Re-imagining Children's Youth Ministry by CopperHouse


As someone who, I confess, has frequently nodded along at the gospels’ sweeping language, I read Amy-Jill Levine’s “Quit Picking on the Pharisees!” (March 2015) with great interest.
5 Questions for Erika Totten
I am thankful for Dominique DuBois Gilliard’s “The Unbearable Whiteness of Being” (April 2015).
Reflections of the Revised Common Lectionary, Cycle B
In regard to Ryan Rodrick Beiler’s article “Pro-Israeli, Pro-Palestinian, Pro-Jesus” (March 2015) concerning the prospects for Palestinian-Israeli peace, it would be worthwhile to examine unemo
The Greeks know how tightly coiled are circumstances with many windings before tragedy’s spring snaps. The horse bolts flame-like from the gate; we do not see its years of training.

Web Extra

An infographic illustrating mass incarceration. 
Fraternity related scandals reached a fever pitch earlier this year over the viral footage of two Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE) students at the University of Oklahoma chanting an appalling, racially insensitive song.
Erika Totten is a leader in the Black Lives Matter movement in the greater Washington, D.C. Metro area, and an activist for the black liberation movement at large.