January 2015


Five boys and one quiet honest wry excellent priest. 
Does “meek” mean a Uriah Heep-like unctuous humbleness? Does it mean softness or gentleness or weakness? Are “the meek” the powerless, or perhaps the poor? Is their meekness to be displayed toward God, but not toward people? How meek is meek, and do you always have to let bullies kick sand in your face at the beach?
Five books that are changing the evangelical discussion about LGBT Christians and the church. 
100 Years after his birth, the postmodern sensibilities of this Catholic author and monk kept new generations coming back for more. 
It's time for Bible-believing Christians to take a new look at what scripture teaches us about gays and lesbians—and what it means to be a faithful church.
With gun violence on the rise in Indianapolis, local churches are responding with prayer and a ministry of presence. 


Does Christianity have a future in Iraq? 
Some Walmart practices show gross disregard for the well-being of workers. 
This Spring, thousands will gather in New York to say no to nuclear weapons. 


Now that the Rockefellers have divested, what excuse does anyone else have? 
Our mission was, is, and always will be centered in Jesus Christ. 
We are not racists, but we accept a system that acts in racist ways. 
The Old Farmer's Almanac never lies. (It guesses, but that's not lying.)

Culture Watch

Black Prophetic Fire. Beacon Press. 
A cisgender straight character dressing up has little or nothing to do with the real stories of the "T" in LGBTQ. 
Contested Land, Contested Memory: Israel's Jews and Arabs and the Ghosts of Catstrophe. Dundurn Press. 
Dear White People by dearwhitepeoplemovie.com / Another Day, Another Time: Celebrating the Music of "Inside Llewyn Davis," by Nonesuch / Disquiet Time: Rants and Reflections on the Good Book by the Skeptical, the Faithful, and a few Scoundrels by Jericho Books / Food Chains by foodchainsfilms.com 
Diverse books mark the 100th birthday of the great mystic and writer Thomas Merton. 
With a Little Help from Our Friends: Creating Community as We Grow Older. Vanderbilt University Press. 
Souls are being stained and scarred to keep your internet experiance relatively clean. 


A brief interview with the founder of Project Interfaith 
Although it’s beside the main point of his column, one sentence of Ed Spivey Jr.’s “The Party of Pink” (September-October 2014) jumped out at me.
Reflections of the Revised Common Lectionary, Cycle B. 
I want to applaud the golden words of Jonathan Kuttab in his “Principles for Prophetic Action in the Middle East” (November 2014).
I. The wailing and the murmured prayers, the animal ruckus, and coin against coin, smoke hanging in the temple spaces— offerings that bear our love to the seat of heaven.
The book Forgive Us, excerpted in “Full-Body Repentance” (November 2014), is the most significant collection of writings from the Christian community I’ve seen in ... how long? Ever?

Web Extra

Videos of people of several religious backgrounds expressing their faith. 
A Sojourners exclusive audio reading from Year of the Flood. 
A timeline on the church concerning the LGBT community. 
A video depicting the church. 
An interactive infographic exploring various aspects of gun violence and gun laws.