AUDIO: Margaret Atwood Reading from "Year of the Flood." | Sojourners

AUDIO: Margaret Atwood Reading from "Year of the Flood."

A Sojourners exclusive audio reading from "Year of the Flood"

In her reflection on the beatitudes, "What about the Meek?" (Sojourners, January 2015), award-winning author Margaret Atwood reflects on how the humble might inherit the earth. "How meek is meek, and do you always have to let bullies kick sand in your face at the beach?" she asks. What does meekness look like in action? Atwood refers to her characters from the MaddAddam trilogy for the answers. The God's Gardeners, an ultra-Green religious group, care for every living thing, from the trees that supply paper to the bacteria in our intestines. "Every small item must be considered." 

Listen below to Margaret Atwood's reading from a sermon in The Year of the Flood, titled "April Fish Day." 
"Help us to accept in all humility our kinship with the fishes, who appear to us as mute and foolish, for in your sight we are all mute and foolish." 

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