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VIDEO: We Are Not An Issue

A video depicting the church

In the long-running “culture war” over whether or not to accept and embrace the LGBT community in the U.S., many evangelicals are switching sides. David Gushee, a leading evangelical ethicist, has recently become an outspoken ally of the LGBT community. In “Tackling the Hard Questions” (Sojourners, January 2015), Gushee explains that the welcome and affirmation of LGBT members of the church is both needed and biblical. “A new evangelical conversation should begin with Christian love and pastoral concern for all people, especially our own closeted adolescents and wounded exiles.”

It is essential that this conversation include LGBT voices. Recently, pastor Nadia Bolz-Weber of Denver’s House for All Sinners and Saints did just that.

When The Nines, an online evangelical church leadership conference, asked Weber to create a five-minute video discussing "the issue of homosexuality,"she turned the mic over to LGBT members of her church community, who quickly and necessarily reminded us that they are not an issue: They are the body of Christ.

Watch this video to begin or to continue engaging in the conversation about LGBT people and the church.

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