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Sojourners Magazine: December 2016

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In an era of global conflict, what does it mean to be followers of the Prince of Peace? In this issue's cover story, Senior Associate Editor Rose Marie Berger reports on a growing number of Catholics, especially those from regions of the world where there is active conflict, who believe just war doctrine has outlived its usefulness. These Catholics--and many others around the world--are now pressing the church to develop robust, practical teachings on gospel nonviolence. "We need a clear message from the church--from the pope to the grassroots--that the church stands for nonviolence," says one South Sudanese Bishop. And with Pope Francis at the helm, we're hopeful.

Cover Story

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For Christians in Pakistan and other Islamic countries, nonviolence is essential. 
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So what exactly does "just peace" mean?
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An Appeal to the Roman Catholic Church to Re-Commit to the Centrality of Gospel Nonviolence
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Catholics from different parts of the world have widely divergent experiences and contrasting approaches to “just war.”
Around the world, Catholics are becoming a church committed to peace and nonviolence. And the Vatican is listening. 


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Heroic women in the Bible likely had a strong effect on Mary - and on Jesus.
Definitely, says evangelical social entrepreneur John Rush. 


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Only 8 percent of U.S. churches are helping refugees. 
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Churches, like the rest of the country, split over the peace accord. 
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The Department of Justice ended contracts with private prison corporations. It's time for Immigration to do the same. 


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Letters to the editors from Sojourners readers
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Reflections on the Revised Common Lectionary, Cycle A


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Sometimes refusing to go to war and choosing to fight bigotry on the home front is the most American thing of all.
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Funny business by Ed Spivey Jr
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Advent is a time to push back against “the data of despair,” a time to take actions that generate “narratives of hope.”

Culture Watch

Raoul Wallenberg: The Heroic Life and Mysterious Disappearance of the Man Who Saved Thousands of Hungarian Jews from the Holocaust, by Ingrid Carlberg. MacLehose Press. 
The Mestizo Augustine
The Mestizo Augustine: A Theologian Between Two Cultures, by Justo L. González. IVP Academic.
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Books as diverse as the kids who read them. 
Paying attention to race and power in children's books. 
Pushout: The Criminalization of Black Girls in Schools, by Monique W. Morris. The New Press. 
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Are we just going to see the stories that are generating the most statistically measurable buzz?
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Four December culture recommendations from our editors.
Just getting out of bed can be heroic.