Pamela S. Wynn, a poet and educator, lives in New Brighton, Minn.

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Christmas Eve

by Pamela S. Wynn 10-22-2019
A poem.

Illustration by Livia Falcaru

Save for the sun, the nearest star
is more than twenty-five million
million miles away.

What has a single star
shining in Bethlehem
to do with us?

Poetry: Advent Candles for St. Teresa of Avila

by Pamela S. Wynn 04-25-2018
Artem Z/ Shutterstock

Artem Z/ Shutterstock

Lighting these candles—porous and buoyant—
Grounds us

Flames draw our eyes to heavens dotted white
With celestial thought

To look back in time through the stars
Hundreds of light-years away

To glimpse God standing
On the shore of God’s self

With outrageous visions and promises
Of hope that strain our belief

What can we do with such promises?
With tradition that grounds us in hope

In stars       in candles       in souls set alight?