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Sojourners Magazine: August 1993

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Cover Story

An interview with Jerry McAfee
Black women in this country are dying like young black men are dying. 
An interview with Fred Williams.
An interview with Sharif Willis
An Interview with Spike Moss
Special report on the Gang Summit.


What's glossy, colorful, and makes women hate their thighs?
The Kairos Document released in 1985 by South African church leaders posed "a challenge to decisive action" to the country's church, its Christians, and implicitly all of its people.


The challenges of monthly magazines

Culture Watch

An untold story of the Black Panther Party
The Bible and violent sibling rivalries.
Detecting women in a man's world.
As this is written we're surrounded by 1968. It seems to be the 25th anniversary of everything--from the assassinations and the riots to the White Album.
The effects of consumerism.


Families of murder victims fight the death penalty.
IT HAPPENS A LOT. As I read Sojourners, I am overtaken by a sense of what's right for my life.
IN REGARD TO Jim Wallis' piece on "Giving Religion a Bad Name" ("On The Way," May 1993): God forbid the terrible, terrible tragedy and loss of life of innocents [in Waco].
I APPRECIATED Julie Polter's editorial, "Who Speaks for Family Values?" (June 1993).
Greenpeace activists in California blocked loading operations this spring at a dock holding recycled plastic waste bound for Southeast Asia
Decision making and authority go hand in hand for communities. The style of authority accepted by the group dictates the way decisions will happen.
I AM HAPPY to see the excellent article ("Between The Lines," May 1993) about Mordechai Vanunu, the whistle-blower on Israel's nuclear arsenal -- which existed under "a conspiracy of silence" till
Lectionary reflections for August
If you are convicted of substance abuse, your race and class have a lot to do with whether you'll be sent to prison
The need for strike breaker legislation
AS A JEWISH longtime Sojourners subscriber, I would like to comment on Wes Howard-Brook's article, "Undermining the Power of the Law," in your May 1993 issue.
What Attorney General Janet Reno did not say to the F.B.I concerning their plans
I HAVE ENJOYED your new feature "Sharing the Sojourn." However, I wish you would consider including addresses of the various individuals and organizations listed.
I CAN'T TELL you how much of an impact Shelley Douglass' guest column, "The Gift of Recommitment" (June 1993), had on me.
AS FANS OF BOB DYLAN, we read with interest Karen Lattea's review of Good As I Been to You in the May issue ("Eric Clapton and Bob Dylan: Unabashed").
Chief Raymond Yowell of the Western Shoshone National Council has called on President Clinton not to resume nuclear testing at the Nevada Test Site