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Holy Heists: What Our Editors Are Reading

Art handlers adjust 'In the Omnibus' by the French artist Honore Daumier (1808 - 1879) at Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane as the gallery together with Criminal Assets Bureau announce it's return following it's theft from the gallery. Brian Lawless via Reuters.

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I have always been fascinated by heists. Maybe it was a youthful desire to sneak out and trick my parents (a desire that led me to failure every single time). Maybe it was the bravado and beauty of Neal Caffrey (played by Matt Bomer) on White Collar. Whatever it was, it was a fascination I put to rest as I matured to value integrity and simplicity. 

Lately, however, I have felt the pull back toward heists. The beauty and grace of usurping an authority, often in plain view, is magnetizing. It’s pretty cool to walk in the front door of the art gallery and walk out with the masterpiece. 

I think the spirit of heists is present in my favorite theologies. Queer theologies steal back divine blessing while flashing a middle finger at non-affirming leaders. Rev. James H. Cone declared, “Christ is Black, baby,” and Black theologies steal back the dignity that racism tries to suppress. 

There are downsides to heists. They can fail and, of course, they are illegal. But you have to admit they bring a rush. Hopefully the pieces below can fill the rush of heists without those downsides. 

1. Stop Preaching About ‘Being Good Stewards of the Earth’
Climate change is an urgent, deadly threat; now is the time for prophetic thunder. By Fletcher Harper via sojo.net.

2. The Pristine, Hallowed Image of Liberal Politicians Is Crumbling. From Obama to Cuomo, Supporters Are Getting Sick of the Branding.
With Cuomo and others’ downfalls, liberals are turning against their political stars and, perhaps, focusing on issues that matter. By P.E. Moskowitz via businessinsider.com.

3. Queering Robin and Our Modern Mythologies
Queer theology teaches us that God didn’t create the world to experience binaries. By JR. Forasteros via sojo.net.

4. Help! I Couldn't Stop Writing Fake Dear Prudence Letters That Got Published
It was a fulfilling creative outlet, until one got featured on Tucker Carlson. By Bennett Madison via gawker.com.

5. I Found Christ's Liberating Spirit in Critical Race Theory
CRT helped mature my faith and identity; it can help Christians heal from the disease of racist thinking. By Nathan Luis Cartagena via sojo.net.

6. At Women-Run Nursery, a Quiet Revolution Takes Root
Agriculture threatens one of Mexico’s vital ecosystems, but La Peñita collective has devised a solution to protect both the forest and its farmers. By Adriana Alcázar González via globalpressjounal.com.

7. ‘Beloved Community’ Sounds Nice. But What Does it Mean?
Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. spoke often of “Beloved Community,” but he never explicitly defined it — an interview with Adam Russell Taylor. By Jenna Barnett via sojo.net.

8. George W. Bush 2021, Meet George W. Bush 2001
The former president was an active participant in the politics he now bemoans. By Jamelle Bouie via nytimes.com.

9. Rev. Megan Rohrer Installed as First Openly Transgender Bishop
Rohrer said they hoped their installation “gives people an idea that there can be trans faith, not just trans struggle.” By Julia Oller via sojo.net.

10. Latinidad: We Are Not a Monolith
In this episode, hosts talk about the tension between the bond that exists in Latinx communities and the diversity within them. By Café with Comadres.