A new report from the University of North Carolina's National Study of Youth and Religion confirms the old saw: A family that prays together, stays together.

The Editors 03-01-2002

Young Christians are pushing the edges of faith. Here's a glimpse into the hearts and dreams of a few of them, in their own words.

Angela Ards 01-01-2002
A tribute to LISTEN founder Lisa Sullivan
Larry Bellinger 09-01-2001

Are in-your-face visits to prison the best we can do for 'troubled' teens?

Stacia M. Brown 05-01-2001

For many young people, cynicism and activism can be sides of the same coin.

Larry Bellinger 03-01-2001

Lisa Sullivan has set her heart on politicizing the hip-hop nation.

Larry Bellinger 01-01-2001

"Art has the power to heal spiritual, emotional, and physical brokenness."

Amanda Huron 11-01-1999

Notes for a new generation

Notes from a new generation
Pam Fickenscher 01-01-1999

It is often assumed that younger people have no respect for their elders and even less reverence for history.

New beginnings, on the Web and in the world.
Jeremy White 11-01-1998

For if you remain completely silent at this time, relief and deliverance will arise for the Jews from another place, but you and your father's house will perish.

Julienne Gage 09-01-1998

At midnight on May 21, I fell to the floor screaming when I learned that Krista Hunt Ausland, my best friend for 24 years, had plunged to her death in a bus accident in Bolivia.

Jesus' words as he wept over Jerusalem are probably more compelling today than ever: "If this day you only knew the ways that make for peace..." (Luke 19:42).

Young people are the keystones of any culture. Youthful energy is needed to get work done in society.

Bob Hulteen 05-01-1998
Will the good news become old news?
Will Campbell 05-01-1998
David Halberstam credits the youth in the civil rights movement.
Jory Farr 05-01-1998
Healing rites for youth at risk.
Pam Fickenscher 05-01-1998

"What do you do?" It's taken me about nine months to come up with a short answer for that question.

Richard Rohr 05-01-1998

Rediscovering rites of passage for our time