Mary Nelson 11-14-2008
"I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord
A curious thing has happened as Americans were choosing their first black president. Democracy suddenly ceased to be a bad word for many genuine democrats in the Middle East.

Timothy King 10-03-2008
Aaron jumped back when he heard the words. He looked at me in disbelief. "Like, a real one? A born-again one?" he asked.
Leroy Barber 9-19-2008
I believe that every dedicated family following Jesus is a great instrument for the kingdom of God. A family serving together is a picture of God's love and grace.
Aaron Graham 9-01-2008
What gets young evangelicals mobilized for advocacy?
Various Authors 6-01-2008

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Jim Wallis 6-01-2008
These young evangelicals refuse to reduce the gospel to a "fire-insurance" salvation pitch.
Ginny Moore Kruse 11-01-2007
Gripping books for young people provide handles for engaging the world - even the world of violence and war.
Jonathan Mendez 9-01-2007
BronxConnect shows there's a better alternative to throwing youth in jail.
Hanna Kang 9-01-2007
Azusa Pacific students follow Jesus out of the comfort zone.
Rose Marie Berger 6-01-2007
Our children are coming home from the front lines- and they have questions.
David Batstone 9-01-2006
This generation does not fear the sacred nor bow to the secular.

Connecting creativity and spirituality, the Reciprocity Foundation, a Brooklyn, New York-based gift and design organization, steers homeless youth toward careers in the design, media, and fashion i

'How many of you are both pro-life and against the death penalty?'

Richard Vernon 11-01-2005

Themes of faith, justice, and fantasy mark the world of teen reads.

Mark Bixler 4-01-2005
The young refugees had come through almost unthinkable terrors to a strange, strange land.
Ed Spivey Jr. 3-01-2005
Fortunately, social structures are well established. If you're cool.
Rose Marie Berger 2-01-2005
'It's hard to see your apartment building closed for a Starbucks to move in.'
The Editors 11-01-2004

A Peace Diary

Longtime peace advocate Peggy Gish traveled to Iraq, along with others in the Christian Peacemaker Teams, to do what she does best: get in the way. Iraq: A Journey of Hope and Peace is her story of their work before, during, and after the U.S. invasion. Told in the first-person, Gish recounts her efforts to create relationships with Iraqis, fight for justice, and seek peace. Herald Press.