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The Anti-Slackers


The following people are not the "top young Christians of 2002." Such a ranking would be impossible (and a little out of line with the spirit of the gospel). Rather they are just a few of those named by our staff, friends, board, and contributors when asked, "Who are young Christians that our readers should know about?" Our goal was to survey a sampling of those 30 and under who are active in their faith—and to find what hope and challenge they have to offer.

The really good news? For each one of these women and men of faith and dedication, thousands of other young people worldwide are also serving, creating, leading, making mistakes, organizing, and praying, bearing the spark of God's love and justice.


Lee Huang
Founder and director, YES (Youth + Entrepreneurship = Success) business incubator
West Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I was not raised in a Christian family. To this day, none of my immediate family are followers of Jesus. I became a Christian in high school and had to work through my integration of faith and vocation without the blessings of my parents.

I came to the Wharton School with an interest in business, and as my faith in God and relationship with Jesus Christ grew, that interest got redirected toward finding a way to use my business skills and interests to serve others. Work can and should be worship, service, and ministry and not just a way to make money to support yourself.

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Sojourners Magazine March-April 2002
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