women's rights

Aaron Taylor 06-10-2009
The world stood at attention as President Obama gave a historic speech to the Muslim world. In mainstream U.S.
Kierra Jackson 11-18-2008

On this day in 1797, Isabella Baumfree (Sojourner Truth) was born in Ulster County, New York. Sojourner Truth was a former slave, women's rights activist, abolitionist, and great orator. On November 26, 1883, Sojourner passed away in her home in Battle Creek, Michigan.

Mimi Haddad 09-25-2008
Regardless of your political affiliation or inclinations, the presidential campaign this year has been one of "firsts" for women.
Anthony A. Parker 10-01-1988

The world is still facing a major problem with women's equality. 

Joyce Hollyday 07-01-1987

I will never forget the conversation a dozen years ago in the plush office of my Methodist conference's district superintendent.

Arthur Huff Fausel, 12-01-1986

A Woman of Faith and Fire

Alice Walker 12-01-1986

A Woman of Faith and Fire

Catherine Meeks 12-01-1986

A Woman of Faith and Fire

Jacquelyn Grant 12-01-1986

A Woman of Faith and Fire

Vicki Kemper 03-01-1986

Women Struggle for Survival