Gareth Higgins 05-19-2008

President Bush's remarks, made last week in Israel, suggesting that anyone who wishes to talk with a violent enemy is the contemporary equivalent of a Hitler appeaser, are so wide of the mark, patronizing, and simply untrue that they must be challenged.

The fact that he used the emotive context of Israel's 60th anniversary celebrations as the background for these comments is an abuse of an already misused people. And implying that Sen. Obama wishes to appease terrorism is not [...]

Brian McLaren 05-09-2008

All of us remember this day, where we were when we heard the news, our feelings, our fears. There has been a lot of controversy about how the memory of this day has been or is being used or misused for political purposes, but I always come back to one of my life mottoes: the best antidote to misuse is not disuse -- it is proper use.

In many ways we have run from the feelings of that day ... grief, grievance, unity, confusion, dislocation, vulnerability and solidarity. In [...]

Ed Spivey Jr. 09-01-2006
Welcoming al Qaeda's dynamic new leader in Iraq.
James Ferguson 04-01-2006

In February a New York court found Iraqi-American Rafil Dhafir, 57, guilty of violating U.S. sanctions against Iraq and of money laundering.

David Batstone 02-01-2005
Rumsfeld would re-establish the military as a judge, jury and executioner.
David M. Jamir 02-01-2005
Little progress has been made toward human rights in northern India.
Ed Spivey Jr. 09-01-2002

Those of you just back from vacation might need a quick reminder about the state of the world. It's not good.

Canadian evangelicals took on Ottawa's far-reaching anti-terrorism bill last winter and won some changes.

Lloyd G. James 03-01-2002

JIM WALLIS' ARTICLE in the January-February 2002 issue was helpful in summarizing efforts of theologians of nonviolence to wrestle with the question of how to resist terrorism.

John Paul Lederach 01-01-2002

The most significant ways—both short and long term—to deal with the sources of terrorism will emerge more from within the circles that are close to it rather than from sources that depend upon it from outside. 

A religious response to terrorism
David Batstone 11-01-2001
We can't sacrifice our deepest convictions for the sake of a false unity.

Our broken hearts are indeed the proper place to begin theological reflection. Wounded hearts, the tears of suffering and death, however, can lead divergent ways.

Arthur Waskow 11-01-2001

A few weeks ago, the Jewish community celebrated the harvest festival by building "sukkot." What is a "sukkah"?

Rose Marie Berger 11-01-2001

When the Visigoths sacked Rome, the Eternal City, in 410 C.E., the attackers used the city's own mighty transportation system-the Appian Way-as the weapon of its downfall.

Walter Wink 11-01-2001

Many of us feel a deep desire for revenge and violent retribution. We know how natural that is. We want to strike back at the perpetrators.

William H. Willimon 11-01-2001

A September 11 sermon

Politicians have given the president a military blank check. The church, however, cannot write a moral blank check.

John Paul Lederach 11-01-2001

For 20 years I have worked as a mediator in violent situations, from Northern Ireland to Somalia, from Colombia to Nicaragua...

Joan Chittister 11-01-2001

War was so much easier before the world's borders began to seep like a sieve.