Alan Clapsaddle 10-08-2008
I confess, it feels good to win. It is easy to slip into the trap of feeling as if we have vanquished the oppressor and slain the enemy.
Mimi Haddad 10-01-2008
Last week I celebrated the political prominence women enjoy today as a direct extension of the gains earned for women by early evangelica
Jim Wallis 06-10-2008

The fact that an African American and a woman each ran so strongly in the long primary season of this election year speaks very well of the country. Having two "firsts" competing for the presidency, Senators Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, makes this a very historic political year. But it was perhaps unfortunate that the two firsts ended up running against each other. After a hard-fought campaign, there inevitably remain some hard feelings among the supporters of both candidates, but [...]

Ryan Rodrick Beiler 02-07-2007

Okay, I may be a PC thug. I care less about good intentions

The Editors 05-01-1986

An Interview with Catherine Meeks

Vicki Kemper 03-01-1986

Women Struggle for Survival