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'Can the Subaltern Speak?' or, Moving the Emerging Conversation Forward

by Eliacín Rosario-Cruz 04-26-2010
[Read more of this blog conversation in response to the Sojourners magazine article "

Breaking Out of the Socially Contructed Box

by Eliacín Rosario-Cruz 05-13-2009
"What do you mean by 'just one'? I'm not choosing just one!" I told my wife on the phone.

I Do Not Want to Be Tolerated or Included

by Eliacín Rosario-Cruz 05-08-2009
Interestingly enough, people sometimes get surprised and/or offended when they hear me say that I do not want to be tolerated or included.

Holy Expansion: My Christian Carbon Footprint, Part 2

by Eliacín Rosario-Cruz 03-09-2009

Making Dreams Real: Eliacín Rosario-Cruz

by Eliacín Rosario-Cruz 06-01-2008