Chuck Warnock 6-05-2009
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Kent Annan 5-26-2009
"It's a problem of being heard," says Randy Woodley, a Native American theologian. "I feel like 500 years ago, maybe God did bring the white man over.
Soong-Chan Rah 5-22-2009
Last month, in an issue of Newsweek, Jon Meacham describes what he perceives to be "The End of Christian America." Meacham asserts that "Ch

The Religious Institute on Sexual Morality, Justice, and Healing published a report in January that found U.S. seminaries and rabbinical schools were sorely lacking in sexuality training.

Andrew Wilkes 3-02-2009

It is often pointed out that some of the places most lacking in hope are not the industrial wastelands or the bleak landscapes shorn of beauty, but the places where there is too much mo

As I sat in the federal court room in Tucson witnessing the sentencing of over 60 people who had been caught crossing the border between the U.S.
Mimi Haddad 1-12-2009

Do you have family or friends on the mission field who are women? How many of them preach, teach, and exercise their gifts of leadership beside men on the mission field?

Mimi Haddad 12-17-2008
How many times have you heard the oft-repeated claim that Christians who advance the shared authority and leadership of men and women in the church and home ignore the authority of scripture?
Troy Jackson 12-10-2008
1968 was a year filled with tragic deaths, of young leaders lost.
Onleilove Alston 12-08-2008
Jamie: We took a puzzle system of trains for about an hour or so until we pulled to an unexpected stop on the tracks, just feet from the platform of 125th Street.

Theological schools and seminaries are changing the ways they prepare their students for our increasingly multireligious world.

Jim Wallis 6-26-2008

Last week, I posted a piece about speaking at a graduation ceremony inside Sing Sing prison in New York. I was moved by quite a few comments to the piece, so I thought I'd share some of them for those who may not have read them.

I think that seminary in prison is a good idea. I worked in a prison for 2-1/2 years, and the men need something [...]

“Think cosmically and act personally,” urged Dr. Elizabeth Theokritoff in September to the St.

David Rhoads 9-01-2007
What every seminarian should learn about caring for creation.

Integrate books on religion and the environment into the syllabi of existing seminary courses , from biblical studies to pastoral care.

Will seminaries equip church leaders for an age of environmental crisis?

Joyce Hollyday 9-01-2002
Word and World : Tucson, Arizona : Nov. 9-16, 2002
Susan Tjornehoj 5-01-1999
Seminary model looks closer to home.
Hans Hallundbaek 3-01-1999
A remarkable new "seminary-behind-walls" program at Sing Sing prison helps to rebuild lives and offer hope.