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Native American Theology(ies)

"It's a problem of being heard," says Randy Woodley, a Native American theologian. "I feel like 500 years ago, maybe God did bring the white man over. But it was supposed to be something mutual, where we learned from each other. Instead the white man conquered, helped out by their understanding of Christianity. Five hundred years later, we ask ourselves, now are people ready to listen?"

That's from "Christ and Whose Culture," in the current issue of Sojourners. The people in the article are definitely worth listening to.

In addition to the Web sites and books mentioned in the article, TheOOZE.TV recently posted a good video interview with Andrea Smith, who's quoted in the article.

Five hundred years is definitely too late. But it's a challenging, hopeful conversation that shouldn't be missed.

Kent Annan is co-director of Beyond Borders Florida, a nonprofit focused on education in Haiti.