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Una Conversación con el Dr. Danny Carroll Rodas

by M. Daniel Carroll R. 04-26-2021

“Aun cuando vamos a Genesis 1, la palabra nos dice que el ser humano tiene que llenar la tierra. ¿Como va a hacer eso? Pues migrando. Entonces podemos, segun lo que yo creo, migrar es parte del ADN del ser humano. Porque la historia humana es la historia de migración.”

Immigration and Christian Faith: A Biblical Approach

by M. Daniel Carroll R. 04-26-2021

“The world as they knew it, no longer existed ... The immigration process into this country is the constant negotiation of loss.”  

Sermon was preached as the chapel message for the annual theology lecture at William Jessup University.

Cold Hands, Expectant Heart

by M. Daniel Carroll R. 01-08-2010
There is an old saying that can be quite appropriate at this time of the year: Cold hands, warm heart.

Prayer Vigil at the Detention Center

by M. Daniel Carroll R. 08-06-2009
I am a seminary professor. Activism is not something that comes naturally to me, but I am learning!