Annalisa Musarra 3-09-2012
Assorted Christian saints images, Wiki Commons; illustration by Cathleen Falsani

Assorted Christian saints images via Wiki Commons; illustration by Cathleen Falsani

As college basketball fans prepare for March Madness, a holier tournament already has Christians rooting and cheering this Lenten season.

For three years running, "Lent Madness" has taken to the Internet as a competition between Episcopal saints in a single-elimination bracket tournament resembling the one followed by March Madness fans.

This Lenten devotional, first created by the Rev. Tim Schenck on his blog, "Clergy Family Confidential," allows readers to learn about and vote for the saints presented daily on the website, with the winning saints moving closer to the coveted prize of the Golden Halo.

"I was looking for a fun way to embrace the Lenten season," said Schenck, rector of St. John's Episcopal Church in Hingham, Mass.

"Lent doesn't have to be all doom and gloom," said Schenck. His goal, he says, is to help people "connect with the risen Christ during this season" and to "have a bit of fun in the process."

Rose Marie Berger 2-01-2008
During Lent, we think about the saints who listened in the night.

Soft Saints, Inc., purveyor of positive role models for today’s youth in the form of plush dolls, makes it possible to cuddle with a 15th-century purveyor of divine wisdom–the “Ma

Rose Marie Berger 2-01-2006

Robert Ellsberg is an editor’s editor.

Jim Forest 1-01-2005

Book Review: Dorothy Day: Portaits by Those Who Knew Her (Orbis Books: 2003).

Rose Marie Berger 7-01-2000
Can we canonize Dorothy Day and serve the poor too?
Bob Hulteen 11-01-1998

An inordinate number of family members, friends, and friends’ family members have died in the last month.