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Huggable Warrior of the Cross

Soft Saints, Inc., purveyor of positive role models for today’s youth in the form of plush dolls, makes it possible to cuddle with a 15th-century purveyor of divine wisdom–the “Maid of Orleans,” Joan of Arc. “Made of soft, pliable leather-like fabric,” states the promotional material, “her suit of armor keeps with our concept of soft and huggable.”

It’s hard to tell that it’s not the actual warrior-saint, as this doll appears to be highly flammable. Joan has a molded rubber head with hand-painted features and “wonderfully relevant accessories.” Unfortunately, she doesn’t come with a preinstalled digitized Voice of God summoning you to rescue France. The dolls are crafted by really nice women in California as an “American-made labor of love.”

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Sojourners Magazine January 2007
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