Religious Right

Live From Death Row, the new book by inmate Mumia Abu-Jamal, continues to stir controversy.

Julie Polter 07-01-1995

Can the words "Christian" or "faith" appear in proximity to political issues? And if they do, what should they mean?

Gordon Aeschliman 05-01-1995
Will progressive evangelicals please stand up and be counted?
Jim Rice 03-01-1995
Serpents, doves, and the Religious Right
Catholic bishops evaluate welfare reform.
Tom Sine 03-01-1995

The Religious Right has hijacked American evangelicalism and made it an aberration in the global evangelical community.

Roberta Hestenes 03-01-1995
The game we must refuse to play
Tony Campolo 03-01-1995
The lost meaning of "evangelical."
Jim Wallis 03-01-1995
An Alternative to the Religious Right.