Popular Culture

John Potter 1-01-2007
Pop musician Moby on how his faith affects his lifestyle, art, and activism.
Hollywood's humanitarian helpers direct more attention to global hot spots. But does it help?
'Pop music possesses the power to transport the human spirit.'
Josh Andersen 2-01-2006

Does Ricky Martin's sexed-up music undercut his anti-trafficking activism?

The Simpsons' love-hate relationship with religion.
Notes from a new generation
James J. Zogby 11-01-1998
The image of Islam in American pop culture.
Dale W. Brown 5-01-1998
The stories and words of Frederick Buechner
Anne Wayne 11-09-1997
The subversive nature of oral history.
Scott Robinson 9-01-1997
The church as custodian of culture.
Richard Vernon 7-01-1997
The world according to Victoria Williams
Ronald Johnson 5-01-1997

Since 1991, Douglas John Hall has published three large volumes designed to provide an essentially systematic theological statement that reflects the North American context. 

Brett Grainger 5-01-1997
Theologian Douglas John Hall's systematic approach.
Lori Erickson 3-01-1997
Father John Giuliani's Native American icon paintings.
Jeremy Lloyd 1-01-1997
The religious dimension of Paul Schrader's films.
Mark Gauvreau Judge 11-01-1996
The most relevant novel of our time is a 40-year-old fantasy
Scott Robinson 7-01-1996
James MacMillan's operas draw on liturgical roots.
World music: The sound of the global village.
Jim Forest 3-01-1996
The letters of Thomas Merton.