Popular Culture

The poet, musician, author (and senior citizen) keeps it real- and keeps it coming.
Hollywood's humanitarian helpers direct more attention to global hot spots. But does it help?
'Pop music possesses the power to transport the human spirit.'
Josh Andersen 2-01-2006

Does Ricky Martin's sexed-up music undercut his anti-trafficking activism?

The Simpsons' love-hate relationship with religion.
Notes from a new generation
James J. Zogby 11-01-1998
The image of Islam in American pop culture.
Dale W. Brown 5-01-1998
The stories and words of Frederick Buechner
Anne Wayne 11-09-1997
The subversive nature of oral history.
Scott Robinson 9-01-1997
The church as custodian of culture.
Richard Vernon 7-01-1997
The world according to Victoria Williams
Brett Grainger 5-01-1997
Theologian Douglas John Hall's systematic approach.
Ronald Johnson 5-01-1997

Since 1991, Douglas John Hall has published three large volumes designed to provide an essentially systematic theological statement that reflects the North American context. 

Lori Erickson 3-01-1997
Father John Giuliani's Native American icon paintings.
Jeremy Lloyd 1-01-1997
The religious dimension of Paul Schrader's films.
Mark Gauvreau Judge 11-01-1996
The most relevant novel of our time is a 40-year-old fantasy
Scott Robinson 7-01-1996
James MacMillan's operas draw on liturgical roots.
World music: The sound of the global village.
Jim Forest 3-01-1996
The letters of Thomas Merton.