Popular Culture

David A. Wade 1-01-1996
Jesus provides the way of faith.
Kelly Green 11-01-1995

The experiment of nonviolence.

Daniel Goering 9-01-1995
Ken Medema's gift of the gospel

We hear a lot today about how divided we Americans are on matters of culture.

Bob Hulteen 9-01-1995

In the 1960s, the Fellowship of Reconciliation prepared a comic book about the life and work of Martin Luther King Jr.

Writers of various sorts, you may have noticed, sometimes take a notion to cast aside their particular genre or discipline and Just Write About Life

Rose Marie Berger 7-01-1995
Poets and their everyday art.
Leon Howell 5-01-1995
The tribulation of Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Shane Helmer 5-01-1995
Star Trek's journey continues
Bob Hulteen 5-01-1995

The popular music world was abuzz in 1994 when a recording of music 15 centuries old (and recorded over the last two decades) ended up a big seller for the year.

Suzanne St. Yves 3-01-1995
Madeleine L'Engle's search for God

It was inevitable that our de facto federal ministry of culture would be among the first and most visible targets when Newt Gingrich, the Trotsky of the Hard Right, took the House.

David S. Cunningham 12-01-1994
Flannery O'Connor's disorienting fiction
David Batstone 11-01-1994
A Conversation with musician T Bone Burnett
The civil rights struggle goes Cuban
Cheryl J. Sanders 8-01-1994

Three books recently published by Orbis Books together represent a major breakthrough in African-American women’s theological scholarship.

Bob Hulteen 7-01-1994

The hottest subject in the religious book market these days is angels (though "souls" are quickly closing in). Angels are so hot that secular talk show hosts are taking note of the phenomenon.

Wim Wender's film view of angels in our midst
Brent Short 6-01-1994

Merton's conversational flavor is best embodied by a series of lectures now available through Creedence Cassettes.

Brent Short 6-01-1994
The continuing influence of Thomas Merton