Katrina Abarcar 12-11-2009
For many of us in the U.S., the sometimes vicious attack ads of last year's presidential election are more than just a recent memory.
Katrina Abarcar 07-10-2009
Here is a moving expression of faith-based solidarity from Mrs.
Katrina Abarcar 07-07-2009

Melissa Roxas is someone I am proud to call a friend. When I met her three years ago, I was struck by her deep desire to return to the Philippines to provide volunteer services to impoverished communities.

Katrina Abarcar 05-26-2009

One morning earlier this year, Edelina "Eden" Jolloso-Jerus, working at her family store in San Juan-Roro, the Philippines, was shot five times by a helmeted man and killed before the eyes of her two children.

Mary Nelson 11-14-2008
"I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord
Anna Almendrala 09-30-2008
I thought our culture had no more use for wartime curses. Granted, my sophisticated analysis is nothing more than noticing if people are calling me any names, until I realized
Anna Almendrala 04-09-2008

The Philippines Armed Forces have been implicated in most of the recent human rights abuses that have occurred in that country (almost 800 unlawful executions since 2001). Journalists, activists, pastors, and lawyers have been kidnapped, tortured, or even gunned down in public for daring to advocate on behalf of the economic, social, and civil rights of the poor.

But since 9/11, the U.S. government has given the Philippines army $245.6 million for "foreign military financing," [...]

Anna Almendrala 04-08-2008

Imagine you're eating at a shopping mall food court when you suddenly hear shouting and see a group of uniformed men (neither police nor army) drag a young man from his lunch a few tables away. "I'm just an activist! I haven't done anything wrong!" he shouts as they cuff him and take him to a waiting van outside. What would Christ-followers do? What would you do?

This is the scene [...]

Rose Marie Berger 07-01-2006

Olive Branch. In April, 120 former Israel Defense Force soldiers and Palestinian militants publicly launched “Combatants for Peace,” a partnership of former enem

Mary Ann Cejka 07-01-2002
Christians and Muslims build bridges in the Philippines
Karl Gaspar 03-01-2001

Once again, an outpouring in the streets brings change to the Philippines.

Rose Marie Berger 01-01-2001
Filipino Karl Gaspar spent 22 months in a Marcos prison. This is the truth he found there.
Doug Cunningham 07-01-1995
The Redemptorist Mission Team in Mindanao, Philippines.
Doug Cunningham 07-01-1995
An interview with Karl Gaspar.
Jim Wallis 10-01-1988

All of us remember the dramatic events that occurred in the Philippines in February 1986.

Dorothy Friesen 10-01-1987

The Roots of Counterinsurgency in the Philippines

Danny Duncan Collum 05-01-1986

All analysis aside, there was much to be simply thankful for in the recent change of governments in the Philippines.