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U.S. Military Aid and the Paramilitaries Behind the Philippine Election Massacre

by Katrina Abarcar 12-11-2009
For many of us in the U.S., the sometimes vicious attack ads of last year's presidential election are more than just a recent memory.

A Mother of the Disappeared Rejoices at Another's Release

by Katrina Abarcar 07-10-2009
Here is a moving expression of faith-based solidarity from Mrs.

My God Does Not Torture People, Part 2

by Katrina Abarcar 07-08-2009

My God Does Not Torture People, Part 1

by Katrina Abarcar 07-07-2009

Melissa Roxas is someone I am proud to call a friend. When I met her three years ago, I was struck by her deep desire to return to the Philippines to provide volunteer services to impoverished communities.

The Human Rights Crisis in the Philippines

by Katrina Abarcar 05-26-2009

One morning earlier this year, Edelina "Eden" Jolloso-Jerus, working at her family store in San Juan-Roro, the Philippines, was shot five times by a helmeted man and killed before the eyes of her two children.