Jarrod McKenna 02-11-2009
That U.S. megaphone of amazing grace, Shane Claiborne, was recently moved to tears after witnessing a youth gathering in Australia.
Bart Campolo 01-23-2009
Need a good book? Check out some of these titles:
Marie Dennis 08-01-2007
Pushing back efforts to remilitarize Japan.
Frida Berrigan 04-01-2007
Bush's costly, illegal, and dangerous weapons buildup.
Lee A. Rials 04-01-2007

In "School of Shame" (February 2007), the author addresses the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation (WHINSEC) in a way that is deceitful and false and libels the good people who wo

Ryan Rodrick Beiler 03-01-2001

Leading Venezuelan educators and critics of President Hugo Chavez are calling his creation of 500 schools constructed and supervised by the military a political program for "ideological indoctrin

While 10,000 protestors gathered outside the gates of the U.S.

Duane Shank 01-01-2001

Military spending cuts still a taboo.

Jim Wallis 11-01-1999

A clear moral test

Tom Boswell 03-01-1996
Diverse groups join together to oppose military flights in the Midwest.
Joe Roos 03-01-1986

If your 1985 federal tax liability totaled $4,000, nearly half that amount--$1,720--was used to finance current and future military goals.