Lemeyo Abon, an indigenous elder from the Marshall Islands, is a survivor of fallout from the largest nuclear bomb ever
Ruth Hawley-Lowry 4-06-2009

Last year Naomi Tutu and I met on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial to keep vigil on the 40th anniversary of the martyrdom of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Friends joined us from around the country. We asked the visitors gathered there: "What keeps us from living the Dream?" Most folks spoke of fear. Some spoke of ignorance.

Jarrod McKenna 2-11-2009
That U.S. megaphone of amazing grace, Shane Claiborne, was recently moved to tears after witnessing a youth gathering in Australia.
Bart Campolo 1-23-2009
Need a good book? Check out some of these titles:

Marie Dennis 8-01-2007
Pushing back efforts to remilitarize Japan.
Frida Berrigan 4-01-2007
Bush's costly, illegal, and dangerous weapons buildup.
Lee A. Rials 4-01-2007

In "School of Shame" (February 2007), the author addresses the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation (WHINSEC) in a way that is deceitful and false and libels the good people who wo

Leading Venezuelan educators and critics of President Hugo Chavez are calling his creation of 500 schools constructed and supervised by the military a political program for "ideological indoctrin

While 10,000 protestors gathered outside the gates of the U.S.

Duane Shank 1-01-2001

Military spending cuts still a taboo.

Jim Wallis 11-01-1999

A clear moral test

Tom Boswell 3-01-1996
Diverse groups join together to oppose military flights in the Midwest.
Joe Roos 3-01-1986

If your 1985 federal tax liability totaled $4,000, nearly half that amount--$1,720--was used to finance current and future military goals.