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Our Response to Poverty in the Light of Easter

by Neeraj Mehta 03-31-2010
Why are people poor? Why do they stay poor? What would it take to get them out of poverty? These are major questions that have been heavily debated for a century in our country.

Maladjusted to Injustice

by Neeraj Mehta 01-25-2010
Last week my wife and I had the grand opportunity to leave our two kids in the care of her parents and spend five days on vacation in California.

Drowning in a Rising Tide

by Neeraj Mehta 12-14-2009

One Nation, Underprivileged: Analyzing the Game Instead of the Players

by Neeraj Mehta 09-14-2009
If life were a game, it could be said that we like to analyze the players (the winners and the losers) of the game, rather than the game itself.

Poverty: Looking at Why Instead of Who

by Neeraj Mehta 09-10-2009
For many Americans, our current housing crisis, banking meltdown, and global recession are increasing the risk of falling into poverty.

Crux of the Health-Care Debate: The Role of Government

by Neeraj Mehta 08-25-2009
I'm not sure I completely understand the health-care debate. But I'm going to take a shot and put down my thoughts and would love additional education, feedback, and thoughts as well.

Eat That

by Neeraj Mehta 08-17-2009
I went to the grocery store at midnight the other night.

Is it just me or are the lights at the grocery story brighter at midnight?

Why Are People Poor?

by Neeraj Mehta 06-24-2009
Why are people poor? I remember being asked this question 10 years ago while training for a program I was volunteering with.

Jeremiah's Change of Heart

by Neeraj Mehta 06-02-2009
Jeremiah lived in Jerusalem at the time when the Babylonians were laying siege to the city.

Equitable Neighborhood Revitalization

by Neeraj Mehta 05-26-2009
A standard definition of community development often goes something like this: