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Mother's Peace Day

by Amanda Hendler-Voss 05-05-2009

Arise, all women who have hearts! Whether your baptism be of water or of tears!

The Eco-Footprint of War: Lemeyo's Story

by Amanda Hendler-Voss 04-14-2009
Lemeyo Abon, an indigenous elder from the Marshall Islands, is a survivor of fallout from the largest nuclear bomb ever

Beating the F-22 Fighter Jet into a Ploughshare

by Amanda Hendler-Voss 03-04-2009

"People will judge you on what you can build, not what you destroy."

'Come Let Us Reason' with Iran

by Amanda Hendler-Voss 05-23-2008

On May 20, The Jerusalem Post reported that "a senior member in the entourage of President Bush" said during closed meetings that Bush and Cheney "were of the opinion that military action against Iran was called for." The White House denied the story, which claims that the reservations of Secretaries Rice and Gates are the remaining levies holding back the floodwaters of war. [...]