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Frida Berrigan helped to found Witness Against Torture in 2005. She writes the Little Insurrections  blog for and is the author of It Runs In The Family: On Being Raised By Radicals and Growing Into Rebellious Motherhood (OR Books). Frida lives in New London, Connecticut with her husband Patrick and three kids.

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The Power of Prayer: Christian Witnesses at Guantanamo

by Frida Berrigan 12-21-2015
Guantanamo Bay

Aerial view of the U.S. Naval Station Guantanamo Bay Cuba. Everett Historical /

We are in Cuba. More specifically, 14 members of Witness Against Torture are in the Department of Guantanamo, at the Mirador overlooking the U.S. Naval Base. We are being hosted by the staff of La Gobernadora restaurant and lounge. From the lookout, we can see the U.S. base that has occupied more than 100 square kilometers of Cuban land for more than a century. We can orient ourselves toward the camps where the Abd and Mohammed and their brethren are being held. We are camping. We are praying. We are acting. We are transforming a random international tourist spot — one more site to click photos, drink a beer, and move on from before heading to the beaches — into a place to honor and connect and extend ourselves toward the men our nation has demonized and then forgotten. 

New Nukes Trounced

by Frida Berrigan 07-15-2008

Last week, Congress refused - for a second time - to fund the Bush administration's demand for a new nuclear weapon system, the Reliable Replacement Warhead (RRW). However, cutting funding for the RRW is one of those big moves destined to generate little fanfare.

It is a little too technical and incremental to be heralded as a decisive step towards nuclear abolition, and yet the RRW program - which over the next decade or so would have upgraded the core workings of all U.S. nuclear [...]

'A Theft from Those Who Hunger'

by Frida Berrigan 06-01-2008
Rampant military spending is making us less secure.

Taking Names: Witness Against Torture Gets Personal

by Frida Berrigan 05-26-2008

What does it mean to be a Christian in these times? The works of mercy knock on our door. The hungry, the naked, the sick, and the prisoner demand our compassion -- but more, they demand our action.

I am thinking of the prisoners especially as I prepare for trial in Washington, D.C., tomorrow. There are the

A Nuclear Surge

by Frida Berrigan 04-01-2007
Bush's costly, illegal, and dangerous weapons buildup.

Fearless and full of hope

by Frida Berrigan, by Kate Berrigan 03-01-2003

In prison and out, Philip Berrigan lived for freedom.