Eboo Patel 01-05-2009
The Council of Islamic Relations calls the Israeli attack on Gaza a "disproportionate and counterproductive ...
Or N. Rose 12-01-2007

Peace, Justice, and Jews: Reclaiming Our Tradition is part of a growing body of literature written by progressive Jews, Christians, and Muslims seeking to articulate alternative visions to

Steve Thorngate 04-01-2007

There are few words thornier than "evangelical." It's a broad category that includes fundamentalists; it's also a reaction against fundamentalism.

The Editors 02-01-2007

Going Deeper

Rose Marie Berger 07-01-2006

Olive Branch. In April, 120 former Israel Defense Force soldiers and Palestinian militants publicly launched “Combatants for Peace,” a partnership of former enem

Duane Shank 03-01-2002

Jewish-Christian "dialogue" is too often just that—an intellectual, theological discussion with no grounding in shared experience.

Molly Marsh 09-01-2001

Jews and Christians is a great example of how magnificent television can be.

Duane Shank 01-01-1998
Recovering our Jewish roots.