Can a government-subsidized press save democracy?
Gareth Higgins 5-11-2009
Yesterday, under the headline 'Obama's Apology Tour',, in typical sneering style, published" href=""">
Duane Shank 7-14-2008

As a confirmed newspaper addict, I've learned to pay attention to the bylines on stories, and over the years have learned which ones to look for on particular topics. In Sunday morning's New York Times, I see that one of my favorites is retiring. For nearly 30 years, Linda Greenhouse has covered the Supreme Court and I've come to trust her reporting - always well-researched and well-written. If I want to understand a complicated Court decision, I go to her story first. When the new [...]

Swanee Hunt 1-01-2007
The murder of journalist Anna Politkovskaya ripples worldwide.
What do we believe when all social restraints are off?
Dee Dee Risher 1-01-2005

For 40 years, The Other Side offered a vision of 'justice rooted in discipleship.'

Ed Spivey Jr. 12-01-2004
I'd miss the good old days, but they were before my time.
Deryl Davis 11-01-2004
Whatever happened to the 'public good'?
Molly Marsh 5-01-2002
Pursuing truth is always a risky venture.
Bob Abernethy 1-01-2001

People of faith who complain about the religion gap in commercial television news coverage often try to explain it by charging that people running national news organizations are not well-enough

Lynn Neary 1-01-2001

Much of what is best about religion does not need journalism to thrive.

Martin E. Marty 1-01-2001

Not wanting to lose all credibility as a populist, I want to risk my credentials by criticizing for once not "the media elites" but "the people." Those elites may have some anti- or post-religiou

Barbara Reynolds 1-01-2001

For much of the 30 years that I have been in some of America's top newsrooms, religion was treated like those klutzy galoshes our parents forced on us during heavy snowstorms.

Cal Thomas 1-01-2001

A Washington Post ombudsman once tried to explain the stereotyping of evangelicals by a Post reporter who described them as "poor, uneducated, and easy to command."

I've been a religion reporter for more than a decade, and I still find that many misunderstand my title—journalists included.

Peggy Wehmeyer 1-01-2001

I understand why people of faith often have an ax to grind with the media. I wouldn't say to them, "Come on, we have the same mission. We're truth seekers.

Dale Hanson Bourke 1-01-2001

Several years ago I wrote a column on faith and families to be distributed to secular newspapers.

John Dart 1-01-2001

In newsrooms around the country, religion is no longer a dead-end assignment—but the media still have a long way to go before they get it right.