Dee Dee Risher

Dee Dee Risher
Dee Dee Risher

Dee Dee Risher is author of the forthcoming book The Soulmaking Room (Upper Room Books, 2016). 

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What Comes After Dreams?

by Dee Dee Risher 03-28-2016
From The Soulmaking Room, copyright 2016 by Dee Dee Risher. Published by Upper Rooms Books.

I never expected to be here—unsettled, sometimes looking over my shoulder at so many precious and lost moments. I expected to always look forward, always be moving somewhere. I yearn for some fruition of my dreams: a time when racism and the earth are healed, when every child is loved to his or her full potential in every way, when my lover and best friend never doubts his beauty, when I am the person on this earth whom I long to be. I long for the certainty that my children possess—that they will save the frogs.

I did not choose these dreams of mine. They were given to me. I’m sure of it. The Spirit beckoned them, whispering: “Dee Dee, this is part of my vocation for you. Strive to make these dreams a reality. I will go with you.” And with that God-inspired passion at my back, I plunged ahead, doing my best to be faithful to what was asked. Truth be told, I expected to bring at least one dream to fruition—given all the heart that I was willing to pour in and all the need and the rightness of the causes.

Thrilled at Last to Be Thrilled to Vote

by Dee Dee Risher 11-05-2008
At 6:30 a.m., my 7-year-old daughter wakes me. "Mommy! Is it time to vote?"

The Stumbling Block of Healing

by Dee Dee Risher 06-01-2006

We pray for God's miraculous intervention. So why are we surprised when it comes?

Mining Truths

by Dee Dee Risher 04-01-2006

When the Sago mine explosion trapped 13 West Virginia miners 250 feet below ground in January, I was deep into Kettle Bottom, a stunning collection of poetry by Diane Gilliam Fisher that i

A Clarion of Justice

by Dee Dee Risher 01-01-2005

For 40 years, The Other Side offered a vision of 'justice rooted in discipleship.'

Faith and Crab Pots

by Dee Dee Risher 03-01-1996

The political leaders in place at this time are constructing social policy and vision that is fundamentally destructive of human life and well-being, particularly of those most marginalized by our governmental system.