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Thrilled at Last to Be Thrilled to Vote

by Dee Dee Risher 11-05-2008
At 6:30 a.m., my 7-year-old daughter wakes me. "Mommy! Is it time to vote?"

The Stumbling Block of Healing

by Dee Dee Risher 06-01-2006

We pray for God's miraculous intervention. So why are we surprised when it comes?

Mining Truths

by Dee Dee Risher 04-01-2006

When the Sago mine explosion trapped 13 West Virginia miners 250 feet below ground in January, I was deep into Kettle Bottom, a stunning collection of poetry by Diane Gilliam Fisher that i

A Clarion of Justice

by Dee Dee Risher 01-01-2005

For 40 years, The Other Side offered a vision of 'justice rooted in discipleship.'

Faith and Crab Pots

by Dee Dee Risher 03-01-1996

The political leaders in place at this time are constructing social policy and vision that is fundamentally destructive of human life and well-being, particularly of those most marginalized by our governmental system.