Even though we don't often weigh in on local D.C. political issues, the Sojourners policy team made an exception on a new piece of legislation that would have a direct impact on gun violence in the District. We signed Sojourners on to a faith-group letter last week opposing the bill described in this [...]

Rachel Smith 6-30-2008

Last week's headlines blared the news: The Supreme Court has ruled that there is a constitutional right to gun ownership. I'm not surprised -- disheartened, dismayed, disappointed, yes -- but not surprised. The photo accompanying the headline was of jubilant gun rights supporters carrying signs saying "Guns Save Lives." "The Great Object: Every Man Be Armed." "If guns kill people, do pens misspell words?"

And that's the real problem with gundamentalism (and I do see this ruling as an [...]

Ed Spivey Jr. 6-01-2008
The Supreme Court is about to rule on guns. Be afraid.
Ed Spivey Jr. 7-01-2004
Being a resident of our country'

Being a resident of our country's last colony, Washington, D.C. ("Doesn't Count"), it's hard to approach this political season with anything but a jaded, albeit cynical, pessimism. Like most Iraqis, I am waiting for self-rule to be established in my hometown, and to experience

Ed Spivey Jr. 1-01-2003

Filmmaker Michael Moore loves to pick at the sores of America's self-delusions, and he's really good at it.

Rose Marie Berger 11-01-2002
The ceramic arsenal of Charles Krafft.
'Columbine' used to refer to a mountain wildflower. Now it conjures up a national tragedy of teens killing teens.
Sadly, kids killing kids isn't anything new.