Jim Wallis 11-10-2008
Having talked to many friends since the election, I am conscious of how lots of us are still trying to let what happened sink in.
Mary Nelson 11-05-2008
I shed tears last night as I stood with thousands in Chicago's Grant Park cheering our new President-elect Obama, contrasting that with crowds' hatred and bigotry I experiences more than 40 years a
Bart Campolo 08-15-2008

I've been on lots of roads trips, but none of them compare to The Walnut Hills Fellowship's weekend journey to Chicago. Start to finish, it was a thing of rare beauty. We had been talking about it for months, of course, but I think most of our neighborhood friends still didn't really believe it was going to happen. After all, people around here are always talking about things they don't really intend to do. [...]

Tonita Cheatham 05-01-1999
Coalition stands for rights of public housing residents.
Kevin Clarke 11-01-1998
Bethel New Life creates a place for God's people on Chicago's West Side.
Jim Wallis 11-01-1986

I have always loved Chicago, and it is always a treat for me to return there.