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Audio: Confronting the Rage That Killed Derrion Albert

Lisa Sharon Harper was interviewed recently by Everyday Democracy, a podcast dedicated to interviewing everyday people who are creating change in their communities. Ms. Harper was on the show to offer her reflections on the Derrion Albert beating on the South Side of Chicago.

"Neighborhoods that are marginalized and under-served tend to be highly violent areas," she said. "That's not because the people are violent but it is because poverty breeds violence."

One thing that surprised her about the Albert beating was the responses of people on the street and in the media and their level of knowledge about what actually is going on in marginalized and impoverished areas.

"I was kind of shocked at the level of ignorance that we have to that level of rage, that level of hopelessness in impoverished areas throughout the country. It was a great indicator that we just don't understand what is going on."

Hear the entire interview below and find out what Ms. Harper says communities can do to confront this growing rage in our communities.

Lisa Sharon Harper is the executive director of New York Faith & Justice and author of Evangelical Does Not Equal Republican ... or Democrat.