"People will judge you on what you can build, not what you destroy."

Mary Nelson 3-03-2009
Several years ago over 100 of us were arrested for blocking a Capital building entrance and protesting tax cuts for the 5 percent wealthiest people and program cuts from WIC, food stamps, college a
Jim Wallis 3-02-2009
Four years ago, faced with a disastrous federal budget proposal, Sojourners coined a phase, "budgets are moral documents." That phrase has now entered the common lexicon, but it remains our fundam

Like many U.S. municipalities, Alexandria, Virginia, is facing financial cuts. But in an unusual move, city officials hired ethicist Michael A.

Jim Wallis 2-25-2009
This wasn't really a budget speech, or even a State of the Union. It was a call to rebuild a country -- from its infrastructure, to its economy, to its values.
Jim Wallis 2-20-2009
It is the power of relationships that make new things possible. Relationships are the foundation of and the means for creating a culture shift.
Jim Wallis 2-13-2009
Today, the House and Senate will vote on the final economic stimulus conference report.
Jim Wallis 2-01-2006
'Have they no shame?' was a frequent response.
Duane Shank 1-01-2001

Military spending cuts still a taboo.

Ben Cohen 5-01-1999
Our values are revealed in the national budget.
Melissa Rogers 7-01-1998
Threat to Religion
Opportunity to Serve
Ronald J. Sider 1-01-1996
Budget cuts should make us weep--and rage.