The Legacy of Apartheid

On a recent trip to Cape Town, South Africa, I became aware of how predominant the issue of race still is there. On my previous trips I somehow missed the fact that while legal barriers of (apartheid) racial segregation have been eliminated, most of those barriers still stand in the minds, conversations, and lives of people. Pastors of different races must deal daily with the history of hurt and the wounds so prone to be reopened by reminders of inequalities past and present.

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Sojourners Magazine July 2010
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From Fear to Fact: U.S. Citizen Arrested for 'Driving While Latino' in Arizona

Certain moments in our nation's history have consistently opened the door for the least civil voices to enact evil through civil policy: think the institution of race-based U.S. slavery, the Indian removals, Jim Crow laws, legalized segregation, the federal protection of lynching mobs, and, don't forget, the Japanese internment camps, among others.